Our story is dated back to 2017, when we started growing hemp in Lithuania.

The following year, this country became the top supplier in Europe by area. It coincided with changing consumption habits: people have become so interested in finding natural ways to fight insomnia, stress and generally making their bodies healthier. And this change turned into a breaking point for us: we moved to the world of biotechnology, thus making the most of hemp and offering multiple highest-quality products for B2B and B2C segments.

With the help of the EU funding, we established a designed tech center, focusing on hemp biomass and related extracts. Our mission is to find a perfect combo of hemp, helping to improve health, life quality and body longevity.

Biotecus is the pioneer in the home market, working with different extraction methods, distillation and purification, using a variety of biomass (hemp, oak, echinacea & ect.).

Our activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Extraction, purification, dewaxing, distillation

  • API production

  • R&D (working with rare cannabinoids).

  • Manufacturing over 10 products in pipeline

  • White labeling

  • Contracting

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Approved projects:

  • Funding from Lithuanian Business Support Agency, Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology

  • MITA Fast Start Innovative Vouchers

  • LVPA Covid-19 Project, 1M EUR

  • LVPA Eksperimentas, 1.7M EUR

  • USA-based Acceleration Programme

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Future projects:

  • Projects with EU funds

  • Working with Schedule 1 substances

  • R&D Phase Trial 6

  • Cultivation of cannabinoids in different media

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Why is Lithuania a perfect location for hemp cultivation?

  • EU Member State

  • Convenient links of air, sea, ground transport

  • Top biotechnology specialists

  • EU capital for High-tech and Biotech

  • Cost-efficient business development

  • Clean environment, particularly air and water

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